10 Survival Uses for Coffee Filters

Coffee filters have a multitude of uses for survival and around the house. Here is a list of ten for specifically survival situations. Coffee filters are cheap, easy to find and transport, and, as you’ll see below, an excellent all-purpose survival item.

Rags: a very simple use for coffee filters is as rags to clean up simple messes. In some situations, keeping clean can be a very important aspect of staying alive.

Bandage: absorbent coffee filters can make excellent bandages in a pinch. Some medical tape will help, of course, but even without bandages can be used to compress a wound.

Water filter: Coffee filters won’t purify your water of course but their designed function is to strain coffee grounds, so they’re an excellent preliminary water filter to strain out bits of leaves or other debris that might be in water before purifying.

Cleaning cast iron: cast iron is probably the best cookware around, but you need to care for it properly to keep it rust-free and well-seasoned. Sometimes all it takes is a few swipe with some clean oil-and coffee filters are great for this. You can use the oil-soaked filters for this next one:

Fire starter: after using the coffee filter to spread oil on your cast iron, they’ll make great little super-flammable and long-burning fire starters.

Odor/moisture control: for a very simple and low-budget way to keep bags and containers dry and moisture-free, you can make a simple pouch of baking soda in a coffee filter and secure with a rubber band. Toss wherever you want to control odor and you’re good to go.

Toilet paper: need I say more?

Cold compress: once again the absorbent nature of coffee filters comes in handy here: soak in cold water or freshly brewed herbal tea to make a warm or cold healing compress.

Sprout seeds: if you’ve saved up a lot of seeds, rice or beans and are dying for some fresh produce, coffee filters make an easy medium for sprouts!

Plate or bowl: Simple but true-coffee filters will make a simple, disposable plate or bowl for dryer food, of course.

With all these survival applications for coffee filters, I definitely recommend stocking up on them now. They’re compact and light, and, of course, you’ll want coffee too come the apocalypse, right?

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