3 Dirty Fighting Techniques that Work

Rules exist in combat sports like MMA and boxing for a reason, mainly to protect the fighters from serious injury or death.  But there are no rules on the street, and if you are being attacked you aren’t going to have the luxury of being able to tap, or having the ref stop the fight because you can’t defend yourself.  Your life may depend upon the outcome of such encounter.  It would be foolish not to take advantage of every technique.



The front of your skull, where the hairline meets the forehead, is the hardest part of your body.  If it meets the nose or the jaw of your attacker with momentum it will cause one sided damage.  The headbutt can be used as an opener when a possible attacker is threatening and is not yet ready to defend, or it can be used when your hands are not free because you are tying your opponent’s arms up.

Eye gouge

The eyes are not only soft and vulnerable targets that, when attacked will cause serious pain, but if you take away your opponent’s vision (which doesn’t require poking their eye’s out, but only causing them to water and swell) then they will be unable to continue their attack and defend from yours.  When performing the eye gouge don’t throw it like a punch, straight out.  It is more effective from close quarters when you drag your fingers down, or slide them up, your attackers face until you feel the eyes.  Then shove hard and rake your fingernails over the eyes.


For those that don’t know, “fishhooking” is when you hook your opponent’s cheek with your fingers like a fishhook in order to control their head, and therefore their body’s position.  This technique is useful when rolling your opponent off of you, or to hold their head in position for you to effectively strike at will.  To get a fishhook, reach around the back of your opponent’s head, slide two fingers in their mouth while pulling back and away from that side, keep as much force as you can applied until you remove your fingers to keep from getting bit.


If you are attacked on the street, don’t fight “fair”, fight hard and fight dirty.  It’s what attackers deserve and it might just save your life.


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