6 Non-Food Items You Can Vacuum Seal

Vacuum sealing is a fantastic way to preserve food, and if you’re a survivalist, homesteader, or prepper, you’re probably very familiar with them.

But did you know that there are a lot of non-food applications for vacuum sealers as well? Most definitely. See, the way vacuum sealers work is by sucking all the air out of the bag and sealing it off. So, anything that might experience degradation by exposure to oxygen (which is many, if not most, items), will be better preserved in a vacuum seal bag. This is especially true if you live in very humid or extreme climates, to keep the elements out of your belongings and keep them fresh for when you need them the most.

Another great reason to vacuum-seal preparedness items are for your bug-out bag or a backpacking or camping trip. Just like those bags you’ve seen infomercials for late at night, vacuum sealing up personal care items and crucial survival supplies can save space, in addition to keeping them safe from the elements like rain or water.

Here are some ideas for great non-food items to consider storing with your vacuum sealer:


Ammo can oxidize pretty quickly, so vacuum seal bags are a very popular manner to store them. Especially when you’re hunting or carrying your ammo in your bug out bag, this is a great way to carry it with you.

Medical supplies

First aid items like bandages and medicine are ideal to vacuum seal, either individually or in packs, to keep them not only protected from moisture, but also sanitary. This is great for both keeping them lasting a long time on the shelf at home, and carrying with you on the go.


If you’ve got different changes of clothes in your bug-out bag, probably the most efficient way to pack these items is by having them vacuum sealed. You can pack more in there, and keep them clean and dry.

Fire starters

Nothing is more important to keep dry than your fire starters, and vacuum sealing packages of them is not only space-efficient, it’s also the best way to ensure they’ll work for you, in any weather!

Sewing kit

Tools to mend and repair clothing and gear is always recommended for bugging out or bugging in, but unfortunately, needles, pins, and sewing scissors can get rusty pretty easily in the wrong conditions. Vacuum-sealing your sewing supplies is a great way to keep them safe, and usable.

Fishing supplies

Just like ammo and sewing tools, a lot of fishing gear can also be subject to rust from exposure. Keeping hooks, scissors, pliers, and the like vacuum sealed will preserve them and also keep them neatly together in one place.


Get the most out of your vacuum sealer by thinking outside the box, and keeping your survival tools as well as your food long-lasting and well-preserved.

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