8 Camp Cooking Essentials

If you find yourself getting tired of energy bars and protein shakes every time you’re out on the trail, it’s time to liven up your camp cooking. The right tools keep the fun in preparing the fuel that keeps you going. No matter your culinary skills or preferences, these essentials deserve a spot in your camp kit for every trip.


Utensil Dopp Kit

This is a simple utensil organizing kit. Your kit should include: a spatula, mini whisk, can opener/corkscrew/bottle opener, knives, forks, spoons, a pocket knife, seasoning, oil, soap, and a sponge.

Egg Holder

Eggs are an ideal camp food, easy to cook and loaded with protein and healthy fat. A plastic egg holder will keep them from breaking and leaking in your pack.

French Press Or Percolator

Nothing is better than a hot cup of coffee on a peaceful morning at your campsite. Choose a percolator or durable plastic or metal french press coffeemaker made for camp use.

Two-Burner Stove

A two-burner stove is a great pick if you want something a little more versatile than a camp stove or fire pit. You can cook a main dish and a side at the same time, or lay a flat griddle across the burners and whip up a hearty breakfast.

Cast Iron

Cast iron pieces heat food consistently and evenly. A well-seasoned surface is easy to clean and nonstick without questionable chemicals.

Over-The-Fire Grill Grate

An over-the-fire grill is a great way to save on propane and get that delicious flame-cooked flavor.

Collapsible Table

If your chosen campsite isn’t set up with amenities like a picnic table, a folding table is a lightweight lifesaver to keep your food off the ground.

Wash Bucket

Keeping a bucket on hand to make cleanup easier. When you’re done, use it to hold your gear!


Pack these tools the next time you hit the trail.

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