Armed Woman Handles 3 Armed Intruders   

This video is from home security cameras and captures an armed home invasion in the Atlanta area in which three armed men force their way in a home with guns drawn.  Luckily the homeowner was armed and responded accordingly, shooting at the intruders and hitting one, with no one in the home injured.  The scene is captured on more than one camera which gives us more to look at.  Here are some of lessons that can be learned from this lady’s ordeal.


  1. We only have footage from “CAM 4” and “CAM 5”. It is reasonable to believe that there were at least 3 other cameras.  Notice also that these cameras recorded high-quality images in extreme low light.  This should serve as a reminder that security systems, even good ones, with plenty of surveillance, don’t protect you physically, they only help catch the intruders after the fact or protect you legally if you have to defend shooting them in court.
  2. At about 11 seconds in we see one of the intruders attempt to shut the front door, but it won’t shut because they damaged it during the break in. I point this out because I have liberal family members that try to tell me I don’t need a firearm if I lock my doors.
  3. At 2:05 our defender comes out of her room to face the intruders. She fires first which made all the difference.  We later see that she had a house-mate that might be her family and that she might have been wanting to protect.  Otherwise, I would recommend staying in your room and keeping your gun trained on the door, waiting for them to present an easy target.
  4. The defender comes out firing, but has a phone to her ear with the other hand. Always have both hands on the firearm if you possibly can.
  5. At 2:10 you can see the third intruder run across our defender’s path with his gun “aimed” at her. She completely disregards him and pursues the first two she fired at.  Never forget about additional threats.
  6. At 2:25 the defender can be seen walking through the rest of her house, now addressing additional threats, but if you look at her gun you can see that she is out of ammunition and the slide is locked to the rear. Always know what condition your firearm is in.
  7. At 3:35 we can see the shoot out from another angle, and we see that her last shot was well after the intruders left, and totally un-aimed. I’m sure this was a high stress situation and I’m not going to “law dog” her for firing on fleeing attackers, but that blind shot could have killed her sleeping neighbor.  Always know what you are shooting at, and what lies beyond it.

In the end, the defender and all in her home were safe, and that’s what matters most.  Hopefully we can learn from this so that we can come out safe if we are ever forced to defend our home as she did.


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