Bad Habits to Break Now If You Hope to Survive

Having great skills and a lot of knowledge is essential for survival. Perhaps you have been working hard to develop those skills. However, if you still have some bad health habits, you will find that even with great skills, you are not going to survive very long. Let’s look at some of the most problematic of these vices. If you have these issues, or others that could inhibit your ability to survive, it is a good idea to make sure that you put in the effort to break those habits sooner rather than later. After all, when it is later, it might just be too late for you.

The first on the list is smoking. It’s a bad habit that will cause a range of health issues for you even if you aren’t trying to survive. However, if you are a smoker and you suddenly need to start hiking for 15 of 20 miles a day, you simply won’t have the endurance for it. Smoking diminishes your lung capacity, it is bad for the heart, and it will eventually kill you. Become a better survivalist, and live longer, by stopping now.

Another one of the big problems that people have is overeating and carrying around extra weight. While you might not care about the look of the spare tire around your waist, it is going to slow you down and you will not have the endurance you need in a survival scenario. Lose weight now, and see just how much easier it is to do many things in life. The next time you go hunting or hiking, you will see what a difference this can make.

These are only two of the bad habits many survivalists have. Look into your life to see some of the other ways that you can stomp out the bad habits and become a better prepper for it.

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