Benefits of Blowguns

A blowgun is probably not the first weapon that comes to mind when you think about prepping for survival.  And while there are weapons that might be higher on the list, a blowgun is not without its advantages.  This is a list of some of the reasons that you should consider adding a blowgun to your survival supplies.



Blowguns are not expensive.  You can pick one up online for less than $40 with enough darts to get you started.  There is no need to pay to go to a range, as you would with a firearm, and even purchasing a single archery target will cost you more than a blowgun and the darts.


You can practice your skills in your yard (or even inside) without getting arrested, which means that you could easily become proficient with your blowgun.  And no matter who gets elected, it’s unlikely that blowgun confiscation will begin anytime soon.

Long Ammo Life

Bullets only last once (you can of course reload them, but that requires a lot of gear, knowledge, experience, and supplies that are not going to be around in most survival scenarios), but blowgun darts can be repaired or manufactured very easily.


Few weapons are a silent when used as a blowgun.  This could be important if you are concerned with potentially hostile people hearing you hunt, or with scaring away other prey.

Minimum Damage

While there are obvious situations when one will be looking to cause the most damage possible to the target, if you are hunting small game like squirrel the less meat that you damage the better.  Virtually no meat will be lost when hunting with a blowgun.


It’s doubtful that anyone will be in a hurry to sell their Armalite to make room for a blowgun, but then again, there is really no need to.  Blowguns are cheap, light, take up little space, and don’t need to be stored as carefully as other items.  So you have little reason not to include one in your survival plan along with other weapons.

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