Benefits to Bugging Out by Water

When most people think of bugging out they think of making their way out of a heavily populated area by foot, or even by vehicle.  But these are not the only methods of bugging out one should consider, for many there is the possibility of bugging out on the water.  Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of this strategy.


Avoid Roads

Chances are you are not the only one in your area thinking about getting out after a disaster.  Roads will be crowded, possibly covered with debris or otherwise impossible to pass, they might even be intentionally blocked by government blockades or hostile people who either don’t want you traveling to their area or want to take what is yours.  I actually sublet a room to guy who it turned out had fled across state lines despite the authorities looking for him, he did this by canoe while law enforcement was looking for him at airports, bus stations, and on the highways.  He traveled hundreds of miles successfully and was only caught when he tried to register a vehicle.

Transporting Gear

While it is possible to avoid roads and other high traffic bottlenecks while traveling on foot, it is not possible to carry much more than 70 pounds with you.  You can easily carry three times that in a canoe.


Traveling by foot you will be lucky to cover 10 miles a day on average with a heavy pack over rough terrain, but if you are traveling over water you can effortlessly cover five times that distance.


While you can carry substantial weight over long distances on the water, you will be restricted to the water itself.  This might also mean that you can only go downstream.

High Visibility

Some criminals have managed to bypass a manhunt for several months by traveling downriver, anyone that is on the water, or using the water will see you.  There is no place to hide on the water.


Which strategy you choose should be dictated by your personal needs, and your ultimate destination.  But, if you live near water, and plan on traveling to an area accessible by water then bugging out by boat is not something you should neglect thinking about.

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