Best Guns for Women (Video)

A lot of people are intimidated by long rifles, and for good reason. They’re big, loud, and often associated with war and carnage (thanks to the public perception of “assault rifles”, one might argue).

But the truth is, for women, they can be great options for home defense. Surprisingly, they’re actually easier to handle than handguns. The AR-15 is the home defense weapon of choice for many for very good reason; it’s versatile, user-friendly, so to speak, easy to aim and handle and can do a lot of damage without requiring a whole lot of training. Not to mention the mere sight of one would probably send a home invader running before you even need to shoot.

One of our favorite YouTubers, Patriot Nurse, is joined by fellow YouTuber Reid Henrichs discuss the best guns for women and why. Enjoy!

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