Camping Equipment Then and Now (Infographic)

I found this infographic recently on and it definitely really struck my interest. While I sure love my modern luxuries, I tend to think of most older products as superior. And when it comes to camping and survival gear, while some tools and resources have certainly evolved, I also felt myself wishing I had some of this old gear.

I think what was particularly striking to me about this infographic though was how the older gear was not only manufactured using stronger materials in some cases, but, particularly in the case of the map vs. GPS, the older gear is what will probably last us through disaster.

You probably don’t want a super heavy tent to stuff into your bug out bag, and for regular camping GPS is definitely great. But I think it also stands as an important reminder that we should always glean from the old-fashioned ways, because before fancy technology or state-of-the-art fabric or manufacturing techniques, people had to be quite creative and inventive with natural fibers and materials, and there might be a day when we need to rely on the basics too.

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