Common Edible Plants in the Wild

It can be overwhelming trying to memorize the name and appearance of the dozens of edible plants that can be found in North America. Here’s a short list of a few that you probably already know of that are incredibly common


Blackberries_on_bushWhat else needs to be said? Almost everyone knows what a black berry is and can recognize their thorny vines and dark, juicy berries. When they’re fruiting they’re hard to miss.


Growing rampant in the American South, nearly all the kudzu plant is edible. The leaves can be eaten raw or cooked and the root is edible as well.



walnut-edibleOne of the most recognizable trees in North America, walnuts, while notoriously difficult to crack walnuts are a delicious source of nutrients and fat.

Acorns acorn-edible

You might not think of acorns as edible but they certainly are, and very recognizable too. Native Americans used to make a porridge of mashed acrons, and you can still find the holes they’d bore into rocks grinding them.


clover-edibleWhile you’d be hard-pressed to find a four-leaf clover, standard three-leaf clovers grow nearly everywhere. Most will recognize their iconic heart-shaped leaves.


Dandelions and the following two plants also grow in lawns, fields and forests all
over North America. The flower, leaf and root are edible as well as highly medicinal.


plantain-ediblePlantain is an incredibly underrated superfood, high in nutrients and medicinal properties that can be found all over the place. You probably recognize it but don’t know it-odds are after reading this it will pop out at you in every lawn and park you see.


Delicious, edible and super common, purslane is something else that will most likely pop out at you all over the place once you’ve learned what it looks like.


This is just a short list of common edible plants, but hopefully it’s short enough to give you a good foundation. Once you start to memorize and recognize edible foods, it’s easy to build on your knowledge bank and be well on your way to an edible plant expert.

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