EMP Survival: Your Golden Window of Time (Video)

‘Survival Mom’ blogger and YouTuber Lisa Bedford knows what she’s talking about when she talks survival, and this video is a great look at a very serious subject.

EMPs, or electromagnetic pulses, could theoretically cause massive global metldown. Cell phones won’t work, modern cars with computers in them won’t work, security systems will fail, ATMs will be useless, and people will be freaking out.

In this video, Lisa breaks down the crucial steps you need to take during the “golden window of time” after a massive power grid failure. Finding your family, stocking up on supplies, getting your home secure; she lives and breathes family oriented survival and tells you how to act in those decisive first hours.

These are the kind of large-scale, unpredictable events we really need to be thinking about these days, as our world becomes increasingly more dependent on computerized grids.

When a massive power failure happens, how we respond initially might make or break our ability to survive, so make sure to watch this video and hear Lisa’s valuable tips.

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