Essential Oils for Survival (Video)

A lot of people have hesitations when it comes to herbal remedies and essential oils, especially for survival.

Well, you can trust a nurse’s perspective right? Good old Patriot Nurse recorded this video a few years ago on the essential oils, herbal tinctures, and homeopathic remedies she recommends for survival and medical prep.

She lends her prepper know-how and medical knowledge to the effectiveness of different remedies and aromatherapy, and gives a basic overview of which natural remedies and oils you definitely want to have in your prep stash.

Natural remedies like these are actually great for preparedness. As you might think when a disaster strikes you’ll want to go right for the conventional stuff, but the thing is, when you’re treating yourself, natural remedies can often be both safer and more effective than pharmaceutical, not to mention, if you have a limited supply of pharmaceutical meds, they’ll definitely want to be a last resort. Natural remedies can help you stretch that vital supply of medication by using them as first step, and using the pharmaceuticals only when in dire need. Often times, you can heal just fine with natural remedies and let those medications last even longer!

Check it out:

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