Firearm Skills You Need for Survival

There’s no doubt that a firearm is one of the most important survival tools you can own. For home defense, self-defense, self-reliance and disaster preparedness, having a firearm has countless advantages to any prepper.

But it’s not as simple as owning a gun, or even knowing how to load, unload, discharge and aim. There are important skills beyond the simple operation of your firearm that are really going to contribute to survival and self-reliance that you need to be mastering and working on now.

Guns are not magic wands that ward off bad guys and bring in big game, they are tools that require skill and training to truly master. The following are some of the most important firearm skills you can have for long-term survival: (note: 

1. The Basics

OK, so obviously I just said you need far more than just the basics for survival, but you of course still need to learn the basics.  You have to start somewhere, right? Know your weapon inside and out. How to load, unload, take it apart, put it back together, and of course, aim and discharge. Safety is, of course, key here. Become intimately familiar with your weapon’s functions, and train yourself in the basics of gun safety. 

2. Target shooting

There’s not much point in using a firearm if you can’t shoot what you aim at. It will take time, patience and practice, but you should be training regularly to improve your aim and shoot a target.

3. Long-distance target shooting

This is what the military trains for, and what could give you a serious advantage in many scenarios if you are skilled at. This is something you will have to practice at an outdoor range or on private property (make sure it’s legal) but if you can develop long-distance shooting skills, you will be set for hunting or for serious survival bunker defense.

4. Shoot with both eyes open

This is definitely a special skill and one you should only worry about learning once you have some familiarity with the first three. Most of us learn to shoot with only our dominant eye open, but if can be of great benefit to learn to shoot with both eyes open. Here’s a great set of tips for how to do this.

5. Gunsmithing and ammunition manufacturing 

Now, this is obviously a pretty niche, advanced skill, but if you plan on relying on your gun for survival, it’s definitely something worth getting familiar with. Guns are complex tools that will need upkeep, maintenance, and repairs, and ammunition doesn’t grow on trees. Learning some basics could be very useful, and dedicating yourself to learning these trades full-time could give you a serious edge in a post-disaster world.


These are a few crucial firearm skills for survival, are there any skills we haven’t mentioned?

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