Fishing for Newbies – Tips You Need

If you haven’t gone fishing before, or if you haven’t been in a long time, you can’t expect to be able to fish and feed yourself and your family in a survival situation. You need to take the time right now to learn how to do it and how to be successful at it. This post is going to go over the basic things that you have to in order to learn how to fish.

Know the Fish in Your Area

Different fish take different tactics to catch, so it is important that you take the time to research the different types of fish in your area and where they live. If you have a bug out location that is far away, or in a different state, then you will naturally want to research the fish in that area. Learn their behaviors and the tactics that seem to work best with them. This knowledge will serve you well.

Get the Right Equipment

Notice that we didn’t say you needed to get the most expensive equipment. It can be easy to spend a small fortune on fishing gear, but in a survival situation, you simply need to have items that work. Get some workable gear and then make sure that you take it out and practice with it. Learn to cast the line whether you are in the backyard or at the lake. Learn to bait a hook, hook a fish, and reel it in. How do you do this? You actually get out there on the water and start fishing.

You need to know how to do it, and learning everything from articles and books will only get you so far. You actually have to take the time to learn how to fish and do all of the other survival techniques that you’ve read about if you actually hope to survive.


Catching the fish is only half the battle. In addition, you need to learn how to clean the fish. There are multiple methods, but the simplest and the fastest is to cut off the head, slice it from the gullet upwards, and then use your fingers to remove the innards.

Also, make sure you do this away from your campsite. If you clean the fish at your campsite and leave the guts and head in the area (actually, if you are in a survival situation, you will want to use the heads for fish soup), you will attract predators. In addition, do not discard of the fish parts in the area where you fish often. Again, this will bring predators right to that spot.

These are the tips needed to get you started. Only you can follow through and actually get out there and learn to fish. One more piece of advice – consider watching some YouTube videos of people fishing in different locations – lake, river, brooks, and creeks – to get some more pointers and tips. Most important though, get your fishing license and start learning how to fish right now. If you are ever in a survival situation, you might depend on this skill.

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