Fitness for Bugging Out

Everyone has a plan for when SHTF, but if your plan includes bugging out, or hiking a long distance with a big pack in any capacity, you have to understand this will be a very physically challenging, and you will need strength and conditioning beforehand.

Prepping is so much more than simply deciding which items you want in your bug-out bag, your body is your most valuable tool, and you need to prepare it as well. Check out our post on the importance of staying healthy as a part of disaster preparedness.

Here are some great exercises to start doing now if you plan on bugging out when SHTF. Start trying to incorporate them into your fitness routine regularly, and you’ll see results soon.


Lunges are one of the best exercises you can do for your legs. They target your glutes in particular, which need to be strong for maximum function of your whole body.




Squats are the king of the exercise world, and one of the most important strength-building exercises you can do. They work your whole leg and abdomen as well, and if you do them weighed, you’re guaranteed to become very well-conditioned for carrying a heavy pack a long distance.




This is a great exercise to get you started, and done quickly on a short step can be an awesome, low-impact cardio exercise you can do either to warm up before strength-building exercises or as it’s own cardio workout.

Box jumps 

These are an awesome total body fitness challenge that will build strength, confidence, and coordination. You never know when you might have to jump in a disaster! It will also seriously work your lower body, increasing range, endurance, and flexibility.


In general, running is one of the best things you can do to build endurance, and for overall cardiovascular health. There is a reason all of our military service members run each morning in their units!

These are just some ideas for toning and conditioning your body for a bug out. Any strength-building fitness will do, just make sure to find something that challenges you, is safe for you and where your at, and that you will progress in and not just plateau. You’ll thank yourself later, and probably even before disaster strikes!

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