The Best Fitness for Survival

From the zombie apocalypse to a simple backpacking trip, fitness can make or break your survival experience. Literally, in some cases. Your body is your most important survival tool, and training for strength and endurance might possibly be the most sensible way to prep for any survival situation. Here are some recommendations for the best kinds of fitness you can be doing:


If you do nothing else, start running. Running is the best way to build stamina, endurance, lose weight, and help you develop mental endurance as well. And, of course, while being able to run quickly could save your life in a multitude of scenarios, it will also improve your cardiovascular system, muscle tone and strength, so it’s just a fantastic way to prep your mind and body. There’s a reason the military makes soldiers run every morning-there’s no better way to get-and stay-in shape.

Circuit Training: 

Circuit training, like running, is a great option for over-all strength and endurance, and a perfect choice for the survival-minded. The ultra-faddy CrossFit craze is basically just circuit training re-branded. Circuit training often combines a number of different short strength and cardio exercises into a single routine that you run through and repeat a number of times. This is a great option for an all-purpose, strength-building and muscle-toning workout.

Weight Lifting: 

A lot of people, especially women, are intimidated by weight lifting, but it’s not just for greased-up muscle dudes withwoman-lifting-weights bulging chests. Lifting weights can actually help you seriously burn calories and tone up. In reality, it’s quite hard to gain a lot of muscle bulk, hence the abuse of protein powder and steroids among the tanned and bulging masses. It is still a great option for weight loss and targeting each muscle group. In a disaster or survival situation being able to carry heavy loads might be incredibly crucial, but weight lifting will also develop essential endurance for any physical activity. It has great mental benefits as well, imagine what it does to your confidence and determination to be able to lift more weight than you ever dreamed of! While not cardio, it’s still great for your all-around health and, especially for older people, it’s a great way to keep muscles and bones healthy and fend off osteoporosis.


MMA is really popular right now, but you don’t have to be a Brazilian jujitsu black belt to utilize the life-saving skills of basic combat principles. In addition to simply being another great total-body strength and endurance workout, combat training has a particular advantage above all the rest: learning to take a hit in the face or fight off an attacker can have amazing benefits for both physical and mental endurance and preparedness. Take a few kickboxing classes and see what you think! Even women are getting in on it these days. Besides, we all hate to think about it, but if ‘Mad Max’ has taught us anything it’s that there could very well be a whole lot of fighting after SHTF….

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