Gunshot First Aid Must-Haves (Infographic)

I wrote an article awhile back on first aid for a gunshot wound. I covered some bare-bones basics, but recently found this great infographic on first-aid must haves for a gunshot wound from

Now, my original article was mostly in the context of waiting for paramedics to arrive, so considering this site is for survival preparedness, it is also going to be important to prepare for treating a gunshot wound if help isn’t going to come.

Since we truly don’t know if world war or civil war are a real possibility, treating gunshot wounds in battle is honestly something we should be preparing for. While I definitely don’t like to be alarmist, it really can’t hurt.

In the next few days I’ll get up an article on how to treat a gunshot would without the help of paramedics or doctors, but in the meantime, I thought this infographic was a really important breakdown of supplies you will need. Check it out:

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