Holiday Terrorism

On their online magazine ISIS has threatened terrorist attacks all over the world on Christmas.  What does this mean for you and how can you protect yourself?  Here are a few tips on how to stay safe tomorrow.


  • As always, arm yourself. Recently Detroit Police Chief triggered the left when he said that citizens should be armed to not only fight back against “thugs” but also against terrorism.
  • If possible travel by car since planes, busses, and trains have all, and will unfortunately again be, the targets of terrorism since those that use these means of travel are tightly packed and disarmed.
  • Make plans to spend the time with family, friends, or even just taking the day off and remaining inside and warm. Large venues, especially outdoor areas that are difficult to secure are likely targets as can be seen on a regular basis in Europe.
  • If you do go out, stay alert. Keep your eye out for suspicious looking people.  People who are scanning the area and do not seem to be enjoying themselves, showing signs of nervousness, or awkwardly lingering near exits should all be reported.
  • Don’t pride yourself on being PC. Neighbors of the San Bernardino terrorists repeatedly saw suspicious activity but did not want to report it because they did not want to appear to be Islamaphobic or racist.  A lot of good that did their co-workers.
  • If you find yourself in the middle of a terrorist attack, remember, HIDE, RUN, FIGHT. HIDE behind concealment or better yet cover immediately if you hear screams, gunfire, or explosions, assess the situation quickly respond.  RUN to a better place of cover, or an exit to safety, even if you are armed, you can fight better from a safe location.  FIGHT last, if you are unarmed you will usually not do much by attempting to fight in the open, if you are armed you will be more effective if you can fight from a position of safety.  Even firing a few shots and putting the terrorist on the defensive can save lives by giving others the chance to run while the terrorist is taking cover.

Whether your national leaders want to accept it or not, Islamic terrorism is an unfortunate reality that we are forced to deal with.  They can deny it in safety behind bullet proof glass and dozens of armed guards, we don’t have that convenience, we need to be vigilant to be safe.

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