Common Household Items for Your Bug-Out Bag

We all know to keep items like knives, radios, flash lights, first aid kits, emergency blankets etc. in our bug-out bag. But for the frugal prepper, there are number of simple household items that have great survival applications. Odds are you have them sitting around your house already. Check them out:

Baking soda: Baking soda is something most households have, and has a ton of uses in every day life. It can be used to clean virtually anything in the house and even our hair, teeth, skin and body. For survival, it’s a great item for the bug-out bag for just this reason: it is a great, light-weight, all-purpose cleaning tool. It’s can be used for masking your sent if you plan on hunting, keeping septic systems clean after SHTF, putting out grease fires, and, of course, baking, if you’re lucky enough to have some flour.

Pencil sharpener: a common pencil sharpener might be one of the cleverest items on this list. While you might not think it has survival applications at first, it could be incredibly useful for one, simple reason: you can use it to perfectly sharpen sticks and twigs for fishing and skewing food over a fire. If your knife skills are not great, a pencil sharpener will safely and effectively get the job done.

Soda cap: the aluminum tabs on top of soda and juice cans also has one brilliant survival application: a simple fishing hook! All you need to do is create a break on one end of the wider portion of the tab and bend back to sharpen it, and you’ve got a very simple and effective fishing hook. No fishing line? Read on:

Dental floss: while dental hygiene is always great, dental floss is tremendously useful in many other ways as well. Unflavored floss is a sturdy option for fishing line, but it is also fantastic as a durable twine of any kind, and particularly for stitching up wounds and ripped clothing.

Aluminum foil: aluminum foil has so many applications for survival there’s no time to list them all here. But you should definitely make sure to have a roll or two in your bug-out bag. Here are at least 33 reasons, among which include using it as an attractive fishing lure, signaling for help, making a cooking pan, keeping items dry, collecting or even boiling water, enhance antenna signals, or to make reflective markers on a path for night time navigation.

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