How to Butcher Chickens Off-Grid (Video)

One of the ultimate forms of self-reliance is being able to raise and butcher your own livestock, and this won’t change after disaster strikes. If you live in an area where you can raise chickens, you definitely should be. If you’re able to bug in and hold down the fort while you live, you’ll be glad to have chickens that provide essential nutrients and calories you might struggle to get from other survival food sources.

Of course, if you’re going to be butchering chickens, you need to be prepared to do it yourself, off-grid. I always love seeing other people’s homesteading set-ups and how they set up their chicken butchering systems in a low-tech, outdoor, off-grid way. I once had to butcher a chicken when living with no water and electricity, and I sure would have benefited from seeing set-ups like this beforehand to inspire me! They do still have electricity and running water on this homestead, of course, but you can still learn a lot about the overall process, what to expect, how much work it entails, etc.

Learning by doing is great, but when it comes to butchering chickens, or any animal, it’s best to know beforehand what the whole process will look like, not just one step at a time. You’ll have to work fast and will be handling dead animal parts that you intend to consume one day, so I definitely recommend studying the art of butchering as much as possible before counting on your chickens for long-term survival. This video will certainly help!

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