How to Escape a Sinking Car With Children (Video)

This is many parent’s worst fear. Trapped in a sinking vehicle with children in the backseat. A lot of parents have probably wondered how on earth they would manage to escape a horrifying scenario like this one.

This video from the YouTube channel #NewsMom explains that there is a simple procedure for saving your children from a sinking vehicle, if you can remember these simple steps:

  1. Take your seatbelt off, as you
  2. Open your window, then reach around behind you and
  3. Grab your child, either undoing their seatbelt or car seat clip and then,
  4. Get out, child first. If you have more than one child, unclip them oldest to youngest and push them out ahead of you, following behind

One of the really striking things about this video though, is that they discuss how one of the major issues that contributes to fatal accidents involving submerged vehicles with children in them. These days, most car seats do not have quick-release features that bypass the cumbersome chest clip that would make saving a child from a sinking car.

The video doesn’t offer advice for what to do in this case, but we would recommend just practicing reaching back and undoing your child’s restraint belt as frequently as possible, especially if you regularly drive near water or live in an area prone to flash floods.

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