How to Split Fire Wood with a Folding Saw   

An axe is a great tool to have with you in the wilderness.  But an axe is heavier and bulkier than a folding saw and you might have opted not to bring it with you when you find you need to split wood for a fire.  Being able to improvise with what gear you have on you is a survival essential.  If you have a folding saw, even a small one, you can still use it to split logs for a fire.  Here’s how.


  1. Starting with logs of a manageable size, meaning that you can pick them up, find the center point.
  2. Using the folding saw, cut half way through the log at the center lengthwise.
  3. With the saw cut facing up, lift the log up and strike it against an object that will not give, such as a fallen log or a large exposed rock. You want the point of impact to be half way between the saw cut and the end of the log.  This should result in the log splitting in half, from the saw cut to the end that you struck, with the cut portion now being separated fully.
  4. While holding the same end, turn the log over and strike it against the same surface again.
  5. The remaining portion that you were holding while striking will have to be treated as the previous whole piece now, with a saw cut made half way through in the center.
  6. Repeat the processes. This will eventually leave with you short unsplit pieces as well, these should be added to the fire only after it has been fully established using the easier to burn split pieces.

The more you can do with each tool you carry, the less you have to put in your pack and the greater your chances or survival if you are caught off guard.

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