Is Your Body Ready for the Bugout?

You have spent time gathering knowledge and skills when it comes to building shelters, hunting, fishing, and choosing the right bugout location when the SHTF. You know how to find game and forage for wild edibles. You have the gear and the supplies you need, and you feel as if you are ready for anything that comes your way. However, you really need to make sure that your body is physically ready for the bugout and everything that lays beyond.

Many people do not realize just how difficult it is. You aren’t merely going on a nice hike with a picnic lunch. You are packing up and leaving without the intention of coming back. It is psychologically intense, but it also happens to be physically draining. Take your full bugout bag and put it on your back. How long could you conceivably hike before it gets too heavy? Many people are too generous when it comes to their perceived ability.

Take the full bag with you and go out and hike for ten or 20 miles. See how you feel at the end of it. However, it does not end there. After all, you still need to set up your camp, start your fire, and prepare your food. Now, imagine that it is raining or snowing. Are you ready for that? Are you honestly ready?

For most people, even those who have a wealth of knowledge, the answer is no. You can remedy this by improving your endurance and your strength now. Work out more often, eat better, and stop smoking. Lose weight if you are carrying extra with you right now. The fitter you are the easier it will be, but never get it into your head that survival is easy… they wouldn’t call it survival if it were easy! If you truly worry that you will need to bug out someday, it is about more than collecting guns and ammo. You need to put in the work and dedication right now if you want to survive.

Are You Prepared for This Deadly Threat?

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