Lessons from a FAILED Car-Jacking   


In this video, we see a failed car-jacking from a gas station in which, thankfully, and surprisingly, no one was hurt.  But the would-be thief was not the only one making mistakes in this video.  Let’s learn some lessons from what the intended victim did so that we are not faced with this potentially deadly situation for no reason.


  • The car-jackers in the video are working in a group of at least two and cover themselves well, even if you were to have looked around at your surroundings, their activities (or faked activities since it’s unlikely they were actually pumping gas) seemed to fit the situation and would not raise any alarms.
  • Notice that the would-be carjacker didn’t break any glass, and he clearly didn’t have time to hotwire the car. The car was not only left unlocked which would have allowed thieves access to the contents of the car, but it was left with the keys in and running, which gave the would-be thief opportunity to steal the car itself.  There is no reason to leave your car unlocked and keys in the ignition.
  • The would-be victim must have seen the theft taking place from inside and ran out to stop it, but he doesn’t appear to have a weapon of any kind and jumps in the passenger seat to fight the thief for the vehicle. So, for some reason this guy couldn’t take the common-sense steps of removing the keys from his car and locking it, but he can risk his life for an old Saturn.  Never engage a potentially armed thief when you are unarmed, no vehicle is worth dying for, especially this one.
  • If you do engage a thief, armed or unarmed, do not forget to check for multiple threats, in this case there were multiple threats but the thief’s “friends” decided to leave him instead of help him.

In the end, the would-be victim here was as luck as he was foolish.  Lock your vehicle and pay your insurance, and you will never be in this position.


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