Make a Wax Coin Fire Starter

You already know how important it is to know how to get a fire started as a survivalist. You probably have the knowledge and the tools to do it, even without matches or a lighter. However, you can never have too much knowledge or too many tricks that you can use when it comes to building a fire. Let’s look at a very simple way to make a fire starter that you can use for survival or the next time you go out camping. You will be making wax “coins” and there are a couple of different ways that you can do this. Try out the different methods to see which one you like the best.

With all these methods, you will need to have wax, naturally. You can buy wax, or you can start saving wax drippings from your candles at home. It really does not matter if you have multiple colors mixed together here. You are not going for aesthetics; you are going for survival.

Wax Coins

For this, you will need some string, or some dry wood shavings. You can use both if you would like. Even some cut up cardboard, such as from a toilet roll, can work quite well. Even strips of cotton or parts of some old jeans can work well. You merely need to find something that is flammable.

Place these flammable items onto some wax paper in circles that are roughly the size two to three times the size of a quarter. Melt the wax and pour it over these circles. Let them cool off and solidify, flip them over and add a bit more wax to the bottom. If you have any pieces of the flammable items that are sticking out of the wax coin, don’t worry. When you need to start a fire, you can light any part of the flammable material that’s sticking out of the coin. If nothing is visible, simply break the coin half to expose this material.

It will essentially act like a candle. It lights easily, and it will hold the flame for a long time. You can then add the rest of your kindling to get a larger blaze going. In addition to this option, you have plenty of other choices too.

Wax Strips, Eggs, and More

You can take lengths of string and dip them in wax, you can dip cotton balls in wax, and more. In addition, you might want to have some tea light candles around the house and in your go bag, as well. They will act in a similar manner.

By now, you should see that the most important elements of making a wax fire starter are the coins and having something flammable. The shape does not really matter and the concept of making them is the same. Try out these options, and then get creative if you want to. Then, make sure you are keeping some of these with your bug-out bags and your camping gear.

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