Moving Quietly In Any Enviroment

One of the key skills to surviving in the wilderness is to ensure that you never come into contact with predators. The less you must face a predator, the better your chances of survival. In addition to keeping a vigilant watch out, you should also learn how to move through any environment as silently as possible. Here are some tips for learning to walk without raising any alarms.inTheWoods

First, be sure that you control your breathing evenly. Holding your breath will only result in an eventual exhale that could be very loud. Breathe calmly and slowly through your nose to keep your breathing as quiet as possible. Be sure that you are scanning the ground for anything that could make a noise if disturbed, and avoid that place when walking. If necessary, walk so that your back foot only steps where your front foot has already been.

Keep your center of balance low; bend your knees and keep your waist still. Simply move your legs as you walk, keeping your torso and arms steady, rather than using them to propel you forward. Pay attention to the way your body weight moves from the ball of your foot when you step, to the back of your heel as you propel yourself forward. Try to focus on this movement to keep your balance.

That can be a lot of things to think about while you are also trying to navigate and watch for movement elsewhere in the environment, so it’s a good idea to practice your stealth walk in a safe place. Choose footwear that allows you to feel the ground beneath you, or practice barefoot, to learn the movement of your weight shifting. Once you’ve perfected your breathing, posture, and balance, you will probably find it very easy to adapt these instructions to any environment you are in.

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