Myths About Survivalists and Preppers

Over the course of the last few years, more and more people have started to learn about survivalists and preppers thanks to increased media attention. The Internet makes it easy to find out about what preppers do, but many people who have no interested in survival simply look at the surface and assume they know everything there is to know about “those survival people”, and that has caused quite a few myths to pop up about those in this field. Now is the time to dispel some of those myths for those who are interested in the reality of survival.

Preppers Are All Conspiracy Nuts

Not all people who prep believe in the conspiracy theories out there. Most do not believe the world is controlled by Illuminati and reptiles. They simply want to be prepared for all manner of potential problems.

Preppers Think Everyone Is a Threat

There is a big difference between being paranoid and being prepared. Just because survivalists are prepared does not mean they think everyone who looks at them is a government agent out to take them down.

Preppers Believe Doomsday Is Around the Corner

Most do not feel that the end of the world is around the corner, but having preparation for anything that happens is important. A SHTF scenario can occur for many different reasons. It could be something as enormous as a governmental collapse or a massive disaster. It could simply be a blizzard that has you and your family snowed in for a week. A prepper is ready for those types of things.

Now, as with all myths, there tends to be a bit of truth in them. Some out there who prep do believe in conspiracy theories and some do live in homes that are wall to wall weapons. However, they tend to be the outliers and not the bulk of the community.

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