People: Biggest Threat and Greatest Resource

In a post-disaster scenario when resources and not being resupplied and there is an interruption or full breakdown in law and order, your biggest threat will come from other people.  People who have not properly prepared themselves will want to take what you have, those that have not developed their skills will rely solely upon theft for survival.  But when the store shelves are empty and emergency services cannot be counted on, other people, those that have prepared and developed their skills will be the greatest resource.  Developing a community of prepared and like-minded people in your area, or finding an already existing one could be the most important factor for your survival.  But who do you trust and how do you find them?  Here are some tips on how to find the people that can help you and how to avoid those that will be a burden or even a threat.


  • The gun range is a place that you can meet potentially helpful people in your area. If they are at a gun range it is likely that they have a willingness to prepare since they are working on their skills, they might also be hunters and not only defensive or sport shooters, and they are unlikely to be felons since they are in possession of firearms.
  • People that go the gym or train in martial arts or combat sports regularly are likely to have a strong work ethic which can be more important than specified skills or knowledge, and be in good health.
  • If you regularly attend a church this is a good place to look since the people that have a large amount of involvement in a church tend to know each other well, including potentially dangerous traits that you would want to avoid.
  • Your neighbors will be the closest people to you, so they could be a great help to you, but be cautious about what you say when getting to know them. If you tell them that you store large amounts of supplies at your home before finding out that they are not the type of person you can rely on, then you now have a potential threat next door.
  • Never talk to people you don’t know about your preparations, especially when drinking. You are likely to have an inflated sense of comradery which could lead to you telling dangerous people details of your supplies and defense.  This could lead to you being targeted later.

Surviving on your own is a daunting proposition, but make sure you know a person well before you tell them anything that cause them to target you when things get desperate.

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