Planning an Off-Grid Weekend for Survival (Video)

I was thrilled to recently discover that the operators of one of my favorite survival YouTube channels, Full Spectrum Survival, also have a separate off-grid/homesteading channel called Off Grid With Brad and Kelly. A few days ago, they shared this great video on preparing for off-grid weekends.

I think this is a really fantastic idea, and something that everyone should try to do from time to time. They have a camp set up for a friend coming to visit, who wanted to spend the weekend living without electricity, without dependence on the modern grid, for the sake of preparedness and survival.

Getting away from the flow of modern life and spending a few days living completely off-grid is one of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for survival in any situation. The more you get used to life without the luxury of modern communication and energy grids, the better off you’ll be if, or rather when, those systems fail.

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