Secrecy of Prepping

Prepping is very important to you. You are getting all the items you need for you and your family to survive, and you are learning the skills you need to make you more independent. You are probably proud of this as well, and you should be. However, this doesn’t mean you should be advertising to people that you are a prepper. Think about all the people that have been on those prepping television shows. Everyone in their neighborhood now knows where they should go in case of an emergency, and this could end up putting their family in danger.

We’ve found that it might be far better for you to keep your prepping secret. Sure, family and close friends will likely know that you are a prepper, and they may be doing the same thing. However, you shouldn’t tell anyone else that you don’t know well. The more people who know that you prep and store food, ammo, and other items on your property the less safe your property will be.

Don’t post about your activities online. It might feel great to get in a bunch of the items you ordered for survival, but putting this information up on social media is like putting a sign over your home. Make sure others in your family or in your group of preppers understand and agree to this as well.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with helping others and sharing. However, if you’ve ever seen a horde of hungry and scared people, you know that things can get out of hand quickly. You don’t want a bunch of people trying to get onto your property. Things could turn ugly very quickly. You want to go about your life quietly. Think of your prepper self as your secret identity.


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