Self Defense Tips for Travelers

Whether you are traveling by air, driving, or anything else, the laws that govern carrying and transporting weapons are not going to make it easy for you to defend yourself.  Unfortunately, the criminals where you are headed are not as likely to be concerned about the laws as you are, and you will be more vulnerable when you are in an environment that you are not used to.  These are a few tips to keep in mind when you are traveling to help you defend yourself.


Check a Bag

If you are going to be traveling by air, you are not going to be allowed to carry a knife or other defensive weapons on you, or in your carry on.  Dealing with the hassle of checking a bag will enable you to legally bring a knife with you.  Some states even recognize the concealed handgun licenses of other states, make sure you check local laws before concealing a firearm since the penalties can be severe.

Buy a Knife

For those that just can’t bring themselves to deal with the TSA more than absolutely necessary or don’t want to pay a fee to check a bag, swing by Wal-Mart and pick up a knife when you land.  You will probably already need to go there to get some toiletries and it’s cheaper than checking a bag most of the time.

Fill-up Early

If you are driving, especially through urban areas, don’t wait to fill up with gas, fill up during the day time.  Gas stations are the scene of enough daytime crime, let alone at night.  While gassing up, look for people who are out of place, especially people who didn’t arrive by car.


If you are traveling to, or through, and area that you are unfamiliar with take some time to research possible dangers.  A few minutes online should give you a good idea of the areas threat levels, areas to avoid, and current crime trends.


Don’t let the excitement of a trip make you lose sight of the dangers that could go along with travel.  Planning for how to avoid and respond to an attack should not be something that you only do while at home. Take a few precautions so you can come home safe.



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