Street Smarts: Situational Awareness for Daily Life

It is so easy to become comfortable in our daily lives, but you never do know when a threat might appear, and it is as soon as we put our guard down that this is likely to happen. If you spend a lot of time walking in the street or out in public, you can’t ever have enough situational awareness.

This means being focused on your surroundings at all time, to assess and hopefully evade any threat. Crime rates are skyrocketing all over the nation these days, so there’ s nothing wrong with being too careful.

Since any threat posed to you in a populated area will most likely come from another person, here are some warning signs to look out for if you are concerned about being mugged or attacked in any way:

1. Fast People

If someone walking along the sidewalk with you is trying to match your pace, be wary of them. To attack someone who is already walking it is necessary to match their pace, so if anyone poses a threat to you they will try to do this first.

If you are concerned about someone matching your pace, duck into a nearby business, try to get in view of anyone else around, or be prepared to defend yourself.

2. Anyone Staring At You

If you feel like you’re being stared down, this is a big red flag. There are probably many women out there who are used to this feeling, but don’t take it as only flattery, it might be predatory. If someone is giving you intense eye contact, they could be scoping you out.

Try to avoid someone like this at all costs. Put as many people between yourself and them as you can, stay around large crowds, go into a business, stay near friends, and always be prepared to defend yourself.

3. A Big Fan

If you “run into” someone too often, either a stranger or a casual acquaintance, be wary. If someone always seems to be around the places you frequent, especially more than one place, they could be scoping you out. Try to change up your routine to see if you’re being followed.


If you ever get any of these warning signs, don’t feel like you’re being paranoid. It’s perfectly prudent to pay attention to red flags, and you should. You can still be sensible; just because someone uses the same bus stop as you doesn’t mean that they’re a stalker, of course. But it is better to be paranoid than to ignore a red flag. Keep your guard up at all times, and you’re way more likely to stop a threat in its tracks.

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