Survival News: The Latest on the London Attacks

We mentioned on Thursday the developing story about a potential terrorist attack in London, and you’ve probably heard by now that it was indeed to be a terror attack plotted out by a radicalized English national.

Khalid Masood, 52, was killed in the attack after plowing through crowds of pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge before trying to crash into the barrier of the House of Parliament, stabbing a police officer before being gunned down himself.

So far, five people have died as a result of injuries from the attack, either on impact or in the hospital. The fifth victim died Thursday night.

The Metropolitan Police announced today they had conducted several raids and made dozens of arrests in connection to the attack.

ISIS has claimed responsibility, saying that Masood was one of their “soldiers”.

Exactly one year after the Brussels attack, this is a sad reminder of how determined terrorists are to cause carnage and bloodshed, and are not limited by restrictions on weapons. Masood used only a car and a knife to kill four innocent people and severely injure over 30.

I will echo my sentiment from Wednesday that you need to always have a plan if you live in an urban environment or frequently visit crowded areas. This is the third widely publicized attack in Europe involving a car plowing into an area crowded with pedestrians in the last year, and the recent OSU attacker here in the US used the exact same weapons as the London attack: a car and a knife.

While we do have the right here in the US to carry firearms on our persons in many states, not everyone lives in one of those states, not to mention, a firearm simply can’t save you from anything.

Also, when cities get locked down as London did on Wednesday, we are reminded just how much more gridlocked a major urban area would be in the event of a larger terrorist attack or an act of war.

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Stay safe out there, and don’t ever let your guard down.

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