Survival Uses for Petroleum Jelly

Chances are, you’ve already got a big jar of petroleum jelly in your bathroom.  But did you know that you should have one in your survival stash or bug-out bag as well?  This is a list of a few survival uses for petroleum jelly that might raise your appreciation for the seldom used, 12-year-old jar in your bathroom.


Fire Starter

A great addition to your survival preparation is getting fire starters ready in advance.  It’s especially beneficial to have fire starters that can work in wet and windy conditions.  Petroleum jelly is awesome for this.  Simply apply a generous layer of petroleum jelly to cotton balls, and work it in with your fingers.  Or, if you don’t have cotton balls, you could try dryer lint, balls of paper or tissues.  A spark is enough to ignite the petroleum jelly covered cotton ball, and it will burn longer, and hotter than one without petroleum jelly.  It will also perform better in wet weather.

Protection from Wind and Cold

If you are stranded in the wilderness in cold weather, especially cold and windy weather, keeping your face protected is a real concern.  The cold wind can dry and crack your face’s skin, making it painful to continue to walk in the wind, which might be all the separates you from life and death.  Applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the skin on your face will drastically reduce the effects of the cold wind on your skin.

Minor Cuts

Minor cuts are only minor as long as they do not get infected.  After cleaning a cut, applying a layer of petroleum jelly to the area will help seal the wound off from contaminates.  When possible, make sure to remove the petroleum jelly can clean the wound again each day.

Foot Care

In the wilderness, whether you are gathering firewood, carrying water, or getting back to safety, you are going to need to be able to rely on your feet for travel.  But when you are pushing yourself to cover ground, it is not uncommon to develop hot spots or blisters.  If these go untreated they can become extremely painful each and every step.  This could cost you time that you might not have.  To prevent this, at the first sign of excessive friction, remove your shoes and socks, and apply a layer of petroleum jelly to your feet.  This will lubricate your feet from friction with your socks and shoes.  This can also be applied your inner thighs, waistline, or anywhere else that you notice friction while walking.


Petroleum jelly is inexpensive and versatile.  So, if you don’t already have some on hand, pick some up the next time you go to the store and keep it with your survival supplies!

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