Swamp Survival Tips

When most people imagine themselves in a survival situation, they picture themselves in a beautiful forest at the edge of a lake. While that might be nice, it might not be the reality for everyone. You might find that you need to survive in the swamp, which is one of the most dangerous and difficult places in the world to survive.

The swamp is full of problems. It’s always wet, so it’s hard to get the materials you need to make a fire. The terrain is dangerous, and you never know what dangerous creatures might be lurking around. If you are in the south, you will even have to contend with alligators, which can make things even more difficult. Mosquitoes, leeches, snakes, and all sorts of other creatures will cause you to have a bad time.

The goal should be to keep as dry as possible when you are moving through a swamp, and to get out of the swamp as quickly as you can. Collect any dry bits of tinder and wood you can find as you go. Put it in your pockets or your pack and make sure it stays dry. If you need to stop for the night in the swamp, find the driest place possible, and try to get off the ground if possible.

Having a fire, if you are fortunate enough to get one started, can help to keep the mosquitoes at bay, as well as many of the other animals. You won’t likely find much to forage on in the swamp in terms of vegetation. However, there is plenty of wildlife that you can hunt. One of the easiest options is turtle, as they don’t move too quickly. However, be aware that they can bite.

Never drink swamp water. Keep your eyes on the lookout for snakes and other animals that could seriously injure you and to your best to get out of the swamp as soon as possible. It’s not a place you want to try to survive for very long.

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