Tips for Hunting Turkey

Turkey is a delicious bird, and if you want to have turkey on the table, you need to learn how to hunt them properly. These creatures are wily and they can be very skittish, so it will take some practice, and the following tips should help you on your journey.

The birds have very good eyesight, and you can be sure they are looking for humans so they can do their best to avoid them. This means you want to go slowly through the woods, and you want to wear camouflage to help hide your human shape from those keen eyes.

Learn to use different types of turkey calls. These have the potential to be effective. If you have a lot of turkeys in your area and the location where you plan to bug out, it might be wise to throw in a turkey call or two into your bugout bag. If you want to keep things light, you could always have some of your supplies stashed at a cache where you plan to hunt when you have bugged out. One of the other items you might want to have in the cache is a turkey decoy.

When it is nice and sunny out, you will find that the turkeys often tend to be more active. Hunting on nice days can lead to better results when you are after turkey. However, if you know where a roost might be located, you might be able to find them there on a rainy day, and that could play to your favor.

You do not want to wait until you are in a survival situation to have to learn to hunt turkeys. Get your license and when turkey season is open, go hunting to get some real experience, not to mention some food for the table.

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