Top Ten Medicinal Herbs (Infographic)

While many preppers like to make sure they can create a stockpile of important OTC medications and antibiotics, having a knowledge of natural herbs and remedies is indispensable.

Herbs are considerably cheaper than pharmaceutical medications, and can often alleviate a problem before you ever need to use the less natural option. Don’t get me wrong, modern pharmaceuticals have their place in survival, and you should definitely try to get what you need, and stockpile as much as you can.

But herbs are a great thing to have on hand, throughout daily life and in a survival situation. Not only can you easily stock up on and preserve them for future use, if you learn to recognize them and know their healing properties, you can also forage for them too.

This great infographic is an awesome guide to some of the most important herbal remedies and their uses. Enjoy:

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