What Not to Hoard for Post-Disaster Survival

If you are the kind of person that likes to be prepared, planning and storing for disaster or the end of the world as we know it can get out of hand.  You can waste resources, time, energy, and space on storing items that won’t offer you much benefit when the time comes to rely on them.  Worse, you might start to develop a survival strategy that includes, or is even dependent upon these items.  Everyone’s situation is different, and everyone’s needs are too, but here is a list of items that unless you have good reason to do so, you should not be hoarding for survival.



In short term situations like power outages from storms or other localized natural disasters, having some cash on hand is a good idea.  But it is always better to have the things that you would buy with the money than the money itself.  For one, those items might not be available.  Two, the price of those items will undoubtedly increase drastically.  Finally, one threat of disaster is currency devaluation, storing money is the last thing that will help you for this situation.

Junk Food

Food that offers no nutritional benefit is not work storing.  Hopefully, you are not eating junk food now, since being unhealthy will not increase your chances of survival in any situation.  But when your body is going to be put under so many other stresses it is going to be important to supply it with the nutrients that it needs.  Ramon is not survival food.  Candy is not survival food.  Dried beans and rice are not expensive.


Keeping enough gasoline on hand to fill your vehicles up is always a good idea.  But you don’t need more than a tank full on reserve.  Where are you planning on going if the stores are all closed or looted?  If the disaster is local you only need one tank to evacuate, if it is on biblical proportions, you won’t benefit from having more gas than you transport with you.


Planning for disaster is an exercise is resource management.  Don’t waste the resources you have now on things you won’t need then.

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