Why Should You Learn How to Hunt with a Longbow?

You might be sitting in your comfortable, warm home right now with a full belly. As a survivalist, you might be comfortable knowing that you have a nice high-powered rifle that you can use to hunt for food just in case the SHTF and you need to feed you and your family. Of course, what happens down the line when the rifle has issues you cannot fix or you run out of ammunition? You can remedy this by learning how to hunt with a bow.

When you know how to bow hunt, you can always go hunting and bag game whether it is turkey, deer, or anything else that you want on the menu. With practice, you can become very accurate over long ranges, too. Another one of the added benefits of the bow is that you can hunt in silence, which will not spook the other animals that might be in the area.

However, simply going out and picking up a bow and some arrows and adding them to your survival gear is not enough. You also want to make sure you have the skill to fire the bow and hit your targets. This means you need a lot of practice. Of course, getting out and shooting arrows is always a fun time.

It’s a good idea to take things a step further, though. Instead of just learning to hunt with a longbow, you should take the time to learn how to make the bows on your own. Learn how to make arrows, as well. This way, you are never without a tool to hunt your food and to provide protection. Archery, along with creating the bow and arrows, can be a fantastic DIY project that is fun and interesting.



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