Why Your Survival Garden Needs Comfrey

If you are gardening for the sake of survival, you should definitely consider growing medicinal herbs as well as healthy vegetables for your long-term survival plan. There are so many amazing herbs out there that are easy to grow and full of benefits, but probably one of the most impressive is comfrey. 

Comfrey has long been popular among organic gardeners for it’s benefits to plants and the soil. Comfrey is nitrogen fixing in the soil, which means that wherever it grows, the soil quality actually improves. It’s a popular choice for a border plant, as it can naturally repel plants as well as lend its amazing benefits to the soil. the gardening benefits don’t end there.

But the gardening benefits don’t end there. Comfrey’s thick, nutrient-rich leaves make a wonderful mulch, and as it grows, you can simply snip leaves off and reapply as needed. This is a good reason why it’s a great idea to grow a lot of it, all around the garden. You can also take the leaves and soak in water to make a fantastic compost tea, which will lend nutrients to the plants as well as help to ward of disease or pests.

Comfrey is, of course, not just beneficial to plants, however. It has long been used to help set and heal broken bones. By taking some of the leaves and mashing into a pulp with some water, you can make a healing poultice that will work wonders for broken bones, sprains, or serious bruising. It can also be made into a balm as well.

Comfrey helps with superficial wounds as well. It can naturally assist with the reproduction of cell membranes, so minor cuts and scrapes can be helped greatly with the application of comfrey leaves or poultices.

Probably the most wonderful thing about comfrey, however, is that it is very easy to cultivate, as it can grow from small cuttings of the root. This means that you can fill your garden up with this seemingly endless supply of free organic nutrients and healing properties. It is also very easy to store, another great reason it’s perfectly suited to the survival garden.

See if you can find some comfrey cuttings in your area and give it a shot this spring!

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