Your Bug Out Vehicle

One of the biggest mistakes that some of the survivalists out there make is with their bug out vehicle. They go overboard and buy something ostentatious like a Hummer decked out with “survival accessories”. Some even advertise that they are preppers right on the vehicle. These tend to be the same preppers who go overboard and buy the biggest and best gadgets that they can find, and the ones who think having more accessories, gadgets, and red dot sights on their rifles will help them to become the biggest and toughest survivors on the planet. Mostly, it just shows that they’ve put their money into the wrong things.

You don’t need a massive vehicle that acts as a beacon telling people “hey, this guy probably has a lot of stuff”. You want a vehicle that’s large enough to carry you and your family or friends, and that is reliable. It should be nondescript. You should keep it in good condition, and you should know how to do the basic repairs on the vehicle at least.

Having a vehicle that’s a gas guzzler tends to be a bad idea as well. Do you want something that gets 15 miles a gallon when there may be lines at the tanks, or no gas at all? A vehicle that’s got good mileage is always a plus. The size of the vehicle will depend on what you will be carrying, and where you will be going. SUVs, trucks, and some Jeep vehicles tend to be a good option.

Also, never just assume that your vehicle can hold all the items and people you need to carry to your bugout destination. You need to test it out first to make sure it works for you and the space you require.

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