25 Survival Skills Everyone Needs

In our fast-paced technologically-centered modern world, many adults have never learned some of the basic skills need for self-sufficiency or survival. We’ve complied a list of some of the crucial skills everyone should know, for day-to-day life, homesteading, or SHTF.

  1. How to change a tire: seems basic, but many people, especially women, don’t know how to do this. But in many scenarios in life, and definitely when SHTF, AAA might not be reachable.
  2. How to hand-wash laundry: it’s harder than it looks!
  3. How to start a fire: probably the #1 survival skill, everyone should know how to do this
  4. Plant recognition: it’s always useful to know what’s growing in your region
  5. How to cook beans: also basic-but important!
  6. Basic weight, volume and distance measurements: there’s going to be a day when you can’t Google it
  7. How to mend clothing: no fast fashion after doomsday!
  8. Endurance-running, strength: being able to run and jump might save your life one day-train up now!
  9. How to properly lift and carry heavy loads: ditto!
  10. Basic knots: where’s that boy scout handbook?
  11. How to use a compass: something else that could save your life one day!
  12. Insect recognition: always good to know what might bite.
  13. Animal dropping identification: its useful to know what to hunt-and what to avoid!
  14. Animal print identification: see above.
  15. How to jump-start a car: another basic skill everyone should know
  16. How to siphon gas: you never know when you might need to uh, borrow some gas.
  17. Basics of child birth childbirth can be complicated but everyone should know a few basics, just in case!
  18. How to make a splint: first aid 101, as well as the following two:
  19. How to treat a wound and…
  20. How to treat a sprain.
  21. How to make broth: make the most of the game you catch, as well as…
  22. How to clean game: gross, but oh so useful.
  23. How to fish: many cultures caught fish without metal hooks, what’s your excuse?
  24. How to purify water: Like making a fire, this one is crucial.
  25. How to start seeds: The foundation of gardening is how to sprout seeds. This can be useful for everything from using the contents of your heirloom seed vault, making sprouts out of your dried bean and rice stash, to cultivating plants you find in the wild.

In a survival situation and even on a day-to-day basis, these necessary skills will help you become more self-reliant, more confident in nature, and less dependent on the tethers of modern life.

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