3 Pieces of Survival Gear You Will Never Use

When you start gathering supplies for your survival you will probably start as most do with the basics.  You probably already have a supply of non-perishable food, bottled water, and tools like knives and fire starting supplies.  But where do you stop?  These days there is a real market for survival supplies, and supply has definitely risen to meet the demand, and maybe a little beyond it.  As practical as the concept of preparing for survival is, not every piece of gear to do so is equally as practical.  These are just a few of the items on the market today that you will almost never use, or just flat out should use.


Grappling Hooks

You are not Batman, so when you are cut off from emergency medicine is not the time to start acting like you are.  It’s highly unlikely that you will even find yourself in a situation in which a grappling hook could help you, and if you did, you’d probably end up with broken legs.  Your money could be better spent, and the space in your pack could be better used.

Wire Saw

These things could only cut through sticks small enough to be safely broken with your bare hands.  Sure, they don’t take up much space or weight a lot, but in what circumstance are you going to have one of these on you and not a survival knife or machete?  They might sound like a good idea, but go put one to use if you don’t believe me.

Emergency IV

Once again, these sound great, people always get one when they go to the hospital right?  But in a hospital, a nurse or a doctor gives it to the patient.  So, if you are a nurse or a doctor, by all means keep loads of these on hand so that you can help others in a disaster, but otherwise, you are likely to cause further danger to your patient’s life by damaging their veins.


Unfortunately, this list doesn’t cover all the items sold for survival that you should avoid, there are just too many to mention.  Preparing for your survival isn’t cheap, but you can save some money and space in your stash by avoiding items that aren’t going to help you in the first place.

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