3 Reasons To Bug-out, and 3 Reasons Not To   


One of the most important decisions to make in your preparations for survival is whether you should stay in place or head for the hills.  In this article I am not attempting to advocate either option as a one-size-fits-all solution to any situation.  This is simply meant to show the benefits to, and limitations of both strategies to illustrate the need to prepare for anything when one is planning to prepare for their survival.

First, 3 reasons to bug-out:

Civil Unrest

If you are living in an urban setting currently, all you have to do is turn on the TV to find reasons to get out, and this is without solar flares, martial law, or zombies.  Large scale mob violence is not unusual in certain places these days.  If there is a break down, or even an interruption of law and order, you could be in serious risk.  After all the liquor stores have been burnt down and Wal-Marts looted, what is to stop them from looking in homes for what they need or want?

Government “Solutions”

There is no end to the theoretical threats in the department.  But even if we confine ourselves to only recent history we can find videos of cops beating up old ladies in their homes and taking their firearms “to keep them safe”.  Or politicians openly suggesting forced confiscation of firearms in areas with riots and mob violence, once again “to keep people safe”.  And these are all while things are still going relatively well in the rest of the country, what if things were worse?

Limited Long-term Resources

With supplies cut off, your stash won’t last forever, and the store shelves will probably already be looted by the time you finish your supplies.  Once these are gone, there will be a much higher demand than supply for basic life-sustaining resources in a highly populated area covered in concrete.


3 Reasons to stay:

Your supplies

You are sure to have more resources for survival than you can carry on your back, or even load in a truck.  If you live in an area that is defendable, and you have reason to believe that things will “go back to normal” soon, then fortifying in position is probably your best option


If you have lived in your area for several years, or maybe your whole life, then you are going to be familiar with it and the potential resources it has for you.  Rushing out into the woods that you don’t know, could get you killed much faster than staying in a place you know.

No Other Option

Whether you are geographically isolated, roads are out, you or someone in your family is unable to travel, you might not be able to leave your area.


A one-dimensional survival plan is not much of a plan at all.  You need to be adaptable, and your plan needs to be as well.  Have strategies and supplies ready for both sheltering in place, and for getting out of your area if you need to.

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