3 Survival Myths and Reality

1. All you need is a bug-out bag

While having a bug-out bag is very important, it’s not the end-all be-all to survival. Even if you have it with you when disaster strikes, and are able to make it to some idyllic wilderness cove with fresh water and plentiful hunting, there’s still lots of hard work ahead of you and the supplies and equipment in your bag will only last so long. And let’s be real-you will most likely not smoothly transition from complete disaster and chaos to an idyllic wilderness cove with fresh water and plentiful hunting. A bug-out bag is a great place to start, but you’re going to need to think ahead for much more than simply having it. Consider your daily lifestyle, where you are at each point in the day, where you could get to from there were disaster to strike, ease of access to your bug-out bag and where you would go and how you’d get there once you’ve managed to get it.

2. Enough food and gadgets will save you

Survivalism is a big market these days, and of course for very good reason! We love browsing supplies and preps and picking out the best gear for our survival needs. The resources we have at our fingertips for survival gear is incredible and we definitely shouldn’t take it for granted. However, the gear we buy isn’t what’s going to save us-what we do with it is. It is virtually impossible to stock up enough food for say, complete global collapse, and even if you have years worth of food, one small localized disaster could wipe out your whole stash.

3. You can just wait it out with what you have

With any disaster situation, you never know how long you will be without resources. You should always be prepared for long-term survival. To reiterate points made above, you need a plan for self-reliance, not just survival. For obtaining and creating new resources, not just relying on resources you store up before SHTF. You want to equip yourself for defense, gardening, filtering water, carrying water, hunting, etc. Survival is more than just staying alive-it’s making a life. Skills and knowledge are just as important as equipment.


Survival is not so romantic as some thing. It’s not camping-it’s living when everything you’ve ever been used to having for your comfort and sustenance is gone. At the end of the day, you’ll be better off if you know what you’re doing in addition to having supplies and tools that you need.

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