4 Survival Items You’ll Wish You Had More Of

We all know to stock up on food, basic medical supplies, and ammunition. But what are less common survival items that you might regret having in your survival stash?


Vinegar isn’t very exciting and it doesn’t seem like you’d need it to survive. But you’d be surprised how many things it can help with, that might even save your life. You can use it as a sanitizer and to cure many afflictions like rashes, fungal infections, colds and flus, to wash foraged food, to marinate and sanitize meat, and to clean dishes and cups if you have no soap.


Blankets are things found in pre-build emergency kits one might keep in their car or for each student at a school (they told us that they had one for each kid at every earthquake drill we had in my school growing up). But a lot of preppers might not think of them. Especially for a bug out bag, a warm yet lightweight blanket could be the difference between life and death on cold nights.


You never know how much you might have to repair things by hand or try to tinker around with your own contraptions after SHTF to keep you and your family’s survival set-up going. Make sure to have tools and building supplies on hand to remain self-sufficient when the hardware store is no more.


If you’re not normally a drinker, it might not occur to you to stock up on alcohol, but you’ll definitely want to. Back in the day, liquor used to be used as a home remedy for many maladies, and it just might help you out greatly if you’re suffering from some kind of serious pain after SHTF. Plus, you can use it to sanitize wounds or medical supplies.


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