5 Boring Survival Items You’ll Be Glad You Stocked Up On

When it comes to survival, it’s tempting to stock up on the most exciting items for disaster preparedness. Things like weapons, ammunition, flashlights, paracord, tactical backpacks, etc. are probably what you get the most excited about buying, but there are many very boring everyday items you want to make sure to stock up on.

These items are also probably a big part of your daily life, which is perhaps why they might not be too exciting. The good news about this is that since you do buy items like this frequently and they tend to be very inexpensive, you can start stocking up on them now.

The thing about boring preps is they will get very exciting after disaster strikes, and they’ll be in high demand. So stocking up on these everyday items will pay, possibly in more ways than one, in a survival situation.

Toilet Paper

Hygenic paper is taken for granted until you run out! Whenever you buy toilet paper for your daily use, buy a few extra packages and add them to your stash.


Soap is vital, not just for keeping clean but actually protecting against sickness or infection. Try to stock up on bulk packages of dirt-cheap soap whenever you buy your preferred brand for daily use.

Aluminum Foil

This handy cook aid has dozens of uses in the kitchen and you probably always have a roll around for this reason. But did you know it has about as many survival uses as well? Buy a few extra rolls whenever you replace the foil in your kitchen.

Condiments and Spices

How on earth can these help with survival? Well, if you have plenty of seasonings and condiments stocked up, your survival food can be totally bare-bones. It’s amazing how far a little bit of flavor can go to make rice and beans exciting and palatable night after night.

Ziploc Bags

Essential for packing school lunches and saving leftovers, these handy plastic bags also have a multitude of survival uses. Always try to keep a few extra boxes in your survival stash if you can.


Always try to think of survival uses for everyday items, you never know what you can use after a disaster!

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