Are You in Shape to Survive?

You consider yourself a prepper and a survivalist. You have all the gear you need. You know the bug out location you’re going to head to when needed, and you have plenty of ammunition for all of your weapons. No matter what happens, you are ready. At least you think you are.

You have to stop and ask yourself just how realistic your survival is. If you are out of shape, then your chance of surviving is far lower. Those who are severely out of shape, realize that they are at a disadvantage. However, those who are only a “little bit” out of shape, might not realize what trouble they are in.

If you have trouble hiking for long distances, then you are in trouble. Ideally, you should be able to hike 10 to 12 miles a day when needed. This isn’t something that you will do every single day, even when trying to survive, but you do need to have this type of endurance.

So, if you are out of shape right now, what can you do to get into better shape? It’s not as hard as some might make it out to be. First, you have to start leading a healthy life. This means eating better food, cutting down on the drinking, and quitting smoking entirely. It also means you need to start exercising more.

When it comes to getting the exercise you need, you can head to the gym, start swimming, hike more, go hunting, and in general, just be more active. In fact, getting additional exercise by hunting and hiking is ideal, as these are the types of things that you will be doing in an actual survival situation.

Do not wait until it is too late to get in shape. If you really want to survive, start right now.

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