Armed Robbery, Nobody Hurt   


This video contains the surveillance footage from multiple cameras at a convenience store that gets held up.  Luckily, despite the use of a firearm, nobody involved gets hurt, including the armed robber.  There are lessons that we can learn from this video, so that if we are placed in a similar situation, we too can come out unharmed.


  1. As always, the first lesson is situational awareness. It is common knowledge that convenient stores are frequently robbed, if you are in or around one you need to be aware that you are at an elevated risk and keep your eye out for potential threats.
  2. I personally like cash, but I don’t pull out a wad of cash to pay for 2 coffees and a banana.  Showing off a wad of cash makes you a desirable target for robbery, which in this case was just an added bonus for what seems like a planned robbery of the store.
  3. When the armed robber grabs the customer’s money and sticks a gun to him, you can see his instinctive reaction to fight back, but he thinks better of it and surrenders his cash. Likewise, the cashier complies and gives the robber the entire register drawer.  If you do not have the plan, the skills, and the opportunity to fight back, then total compliance should be your strategy.
  4. The only chance that was given for the victims to attempt to counter ambush the robber is after he has completed his robber and is walking away, the victims make the right choice here and allow him to leave. If you are put in a position of great disadvantage such as facing an armed attacker while unarmed, don’t let your pride or emotions get the best of you.  Fighting for you life is one thing, fighting for some money is another.

Luckily for the victims in this video the attacker was only a thief and not a murderer.  Compliance, should not be a strategy we take off the table simply because we train to fight.


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